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AI Headshot Generator

Wanna upgrade your profile picture without the photoshoot? Turns out a lot of people do, which explains the explosion of the AI headshot generator trend. Read our blog to learn more and download Optix to get the most professional looking shots of yourself.

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Common questions about AI headshot generators

What's an AI headshot generator?

An AI headshot generator is a software application that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning techniques to create realistic and high-quality headshot images of individuals.

How do I create an AI headshot?

Creating an AI-generated headshot involves using specialized software that utilizes AI algorithms. Choose a specific AI headshot generator, input criteria like age and gender, and the AI generates headshot images based on your input. Review and select the image you like, then download it. AI headshots can be used for various purposes like social media profiles or website illustrations. Keep in mind that quality varies, so it's wise to experiment with different tools for desired results.

How to do the viral AI headshots?

TikTokers used the Remini app for the viral headshot trend. Here's how to do it yourself with the same app:

  • Open the Remini app and navigate to the AI Photo section
  • Tap on ‘Generate My Photos’ 
  • Upload selfies from your device’s photo library
  • Upload at least 12 high quality selfies that clearly display your face
  • Choose a Model and Generate Headshot Photos
  • Then wait for the app to generate the results

Read this post to learn more about how this AI headshot generator trend got started on TikTok.

Want to use a free AI headshot generator?

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