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Bold Glamour Filter

“If you don't look absolutely gorgeous in this filter, there’s literally no hope for you.” Let’s test that theory. Try the Bold Glamour Filter TikTok trend today. And let us know if there’s hope. If not, we have an app for that 👀

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Bold Glamour Filter with Optix Ai

Common questions about the bold glamour filter TikTok trend

What's the bold glamour filter?

The bold glamour filter on TikTok is an effect that elevates your visual presence to striking levels. Designed to bestow a magazine cover-worthy aura, this filter enhances your facial features, offering an alluring blend of radiance and allure. Its appeal lies in its remarkable authenticity; the enhanced appearance is remarkably true to life, capturing attention through its realism. The driving force behind this marvel is cutting-edge AI technology.

How can I get the bold glamour filter?

  • Open TikTok on your phone 
  • Open the camera
  • Click the Effects gallery on the left
  • Tap search and type ‘Bold Glamour’
  • Once it appears, click it and hold the button for a few seconds so the effect can be applied to your picture

How does the bold glamour filter work?

The bold glamour filter, among other viral filters, is leveraging artificial intelligence, specifically what’s called a generative adversarial network (GAN), where your face is compared to a dataset of images that's used to help redraw your face, pixel by pixel, which then displays on your camera feed. Read more about it from this post.

What app has the bold glamour filter effect?

With the 'Barbz' and 'Summer Luxe' styles, the Optix app can create your identical AI avatar in 30 seconds that has a total body bold glamour effect that you can share with your friends.

Want to try the bold glamour filter?

Instantly access several other trending and realistic filters with the Optix app today!

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