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Crying Face Filter

Sometimes you just need a good cry … so your tears can hopefully melt the pain away. It makes sense why the Crying Face Filter on Snapchat is also a TikTok fav. Capture the essence of your raw emotions and connect with your peeps on a different level. Check out our blog to learn more.

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Common questions about the crying face filter

What's the crying face filter?

The crying face filter from Snapchat is now a favorite TikTok effect. It depicts the user’s face with tears and other visual cues that create the appearance of someone crying. 

How do you get the crying face filter?

  • Open Snapchat and tap the magnifying glass icon 
  • Search for ‘crying face’ and find the official Snapchat filter in the list of results
  • Tap on it and the filter will be enabled
  • Then tap and hold the filter icon at the bottom of the screen to record your video.
  • Instead of uploading it to Snapchat, tap the arrowed icon at the bottom of the screen to save the video to your phone

Is the crying face filter and sad face filter the same?

Snapchat’s crying face filter is also called the sad face filter. Many users started using this term after the filter went viral on TikTok.

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