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Duck Lips Filter

The duck lips filter throws a pair of thick, animated peach-colored lips over your own, creating this exaggerated, super plump pout. Whether you’re seriously considering lip fillers 👀 or just need a good laugh, the duck lip filter on TikTok is another one that you can’t help but play around with.

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Common questions about the duck lips filter

How does the duck lip filter change your face?

The duck lips filter on TikTok slaps a huge, animated pair of peachy lips right over yours, giving you this over-the-top, super plump look! It’s like you get to step into this cool, quirky world where your lips are suddenly more exaggerated and plusher. It’s all in good fun, letting you rock a big, peach-tinted pout that’s sure to leave you feeling good ... or disgusted.

Why are people using the duck lips filter?

There’s this ongoing obsession with having thick and luscious lips. It’s because full lips are seen as a symbol of youth and beauty, and let’s face it, they do make a bold statement! 

But clearly, they’re not for everyone. At least with the duck lip filter being a thing, you can get a taste of that extra plumpness without any real-world commitment, and people are taking advantage of the opportunity.

How to get the duck lips filter on TikTok?

Follow these steps to get your lips plumped asap.

  • Open TikTok on your phone 
  • Open the camera
  • Click the Effects gallery on the left
  • Tap search and type ‘Ducky lips’
  • Once it appears, click it and hold the button for a few seconds so the effect can be applied to your picture

What other apps have the duck lip filter?

Snapchat also has a Duck Lips Lens. It doesn’t give the exact same effect, but it’s pretty close and super fun to play around with for that over-the-top pout. 

And if you’re the type who likes to have a bit more control over how your plumped-up lips would look, you should check out the YouCam Makeup app. It’s got this neat lip plumper feature that lets you experiment and see what suits your fancy.

Want to try other styles like the duck lip filter?

Check out our blog to find other trending filters to try, or make your own with the Optix AI app, where you can express yourself easily without limits. All you need is one image.

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