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Long Hair Filter TikTok

Wondering what you or your bestie would look like with longer hair? The Long Hair Filter on TikTok gives you a pretty realistic peek into that possibility without the hassle. Check out our blog to learn more!

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Long hair filter CapCut template

Common questions about the long hair filter on TikTok

What's the long hair filter?

The long hair filter on TikTok allows users to envision themselves with longer hair, all without altering their current appearance. By employing advanced image manipulation, the filter provides a preview of how an extended hair length might complement their facial features.

How to do the long hair filter on TikTok?

The long hair filter trend that became popular on TikTok is done with the help of FaceApp and a special CapCut template. Check out this blog post for exact instructions on how to get it done.

Does TikTok have other hair filters?

This filter offers an array of captivating options, from silver to blonde, purple to blue, and beyond. The added perk? Some hair color filters on TikTok are coupled with playful effects that can give your videos an extra pop – you decide if it's a match for your content.

Want to try other styles like the long hair filter on TikTok?

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