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TikTok Old Age Filter

Curious whether you’ll age like fine wine? Don't miss out on the opportunity to peek into your future with the TikTok Old Age Filter that has everyone talking. See yourself and your favorite people in a whole new light with this incredibly realistic filter that takes you through time.

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Old age filter TikTok

Common questions about the old age filter

What's the old age filter TikTok trend about?

The old age filter effect on TikTok uses advanced AI to show you an older version of yourself, complete with wrinkles and aging signs, alongside your current appearance for a striking comparison. By analyzing your facial structure, the AI applies aging algorithms to create an accurate portrayal of your older self.

How to get the old age filer?

  • Open TikTok on your phone
  • Click on the plus icon to open the camera
  • Tap on the effects button, then the magnifying glass
  • In the search bar, make sure to type ‘Aged’ and not ‘old age filter’
  • Select the filter labeled as ‘Aged’
  • Try the effect by taking a photo or recording a video with the button

Is there a free face aging app?

There are several apps and tools available that offered free face aging effects similar to the old age filter on TikTok. Some popular options are FaceApp and Oldify.

Can I use the old age filter on Instagram?

Once you create your video with the old age filter, you can download it from TikTok (or whichever tool you used) and easily share across any social media platform.

Want to try other realistic styles like the old aged filter?

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