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Spirit Halloween Filter

Spirit Halloween is not just the #1 Halloween costume store; it’s a Halloween phenomenon that’s sparked a whole meme trend and then found its way to TikTok with a dedicated filter! It’s all about celebrating the spooky season and diving into the annual Spirit Halloween fun. It’s likely this filter will become a recurring guest every October, adding a dash of frightful fun to your social media feeds. So, be on the lookout!

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spirit halloween filter

Common questions about the Spirit Halloween filter

What’s the deal with Spirit Halloween?

So, every October, it’s like Spirit Halloween brings old malls back from the dead! It’s one of the top names we think of when we say “pop-up Halloween stores.” The idea is super simple. Around late August each year, these Halloween stores just pop up out of nowhere and set up shop in old retail spaces, bringing them back to life, at least for a while!

What’s the Spirit Halloween meme?

People create these images of Spirit Halloween packages, complete with a made-up costume name, a funny or bizarre picture, and even a list of what’s supposedly “included” in the package. Some of these are downright hilarious, while others are just plain weird, but they all share that quirky, creative vibe! These mock packages broke the internet in 2022, catching eyes and drawing laughs. 

Why is it called Spirit Halloween?

Spirit Halloween was started by Joe Marver back in 1983. He had a women’s clothing store in California and noticed a nearby costume store was booming during Halloween. When that store closed, Joe switched his business to costumes, and voilà, Spirit Halloween was born! And fun fact, the “Spirit” in the name wasn’t about Halloween ghosts—it was actually the name of his original store, Spirit Women’s Discount Apparel! 

How to get the Spirit Halloween TikTok filter? 

  • Open TikTok on your phone 
  • Open the camera
  • Click the Effects gallery on the left
  • Tap search and type ‘Spirit Halloween Meme’
  • Once it appears, click it and hold the button for a few seconds so the effect can be applied to your picture

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