“This Filter Is Brutal!” - New Barbie Life Filter on TikTok Predicts Your Future

August 17, 2023
Rochella Providence

No matter what anyone says, please remember that you’re #kenough.

If you haven’t seen the Barbie Movie yet, then that reference probably didn’t hit the way it was supposed to. 

But that’s okay. 

What we really wanna focus on is the message that no one should be the judge of your life. 

Unless it’s Barbie … 

Yeah. Cuz she can do that now with the new barbie life filter on TikTok that can apparently peek into your future. 

And from what we’ve seen, the judgment is real. 

Keep scrolling to get up to scratch on this new barbie trend and some extra tips on how to try this and other trending filters for yourself.

What’s the AI barbie filter trend?

Just to provide some context, this whole Barbie craze started with the release of the Barbie Movie on July 21st, 2023 starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling.

The world erupted with Barbie-themed … everything. 

Like no kidding, they even ran out of pink.

Before you know it, a TikTok trend started where everyone was using the new AI Barbie filter effect that lets you see what your Barbie AI avatar would look like.

Some came out great!

And others? Not so much. 

It wasn’t long before creators started using other third-party apps, including Optix, to really ramp up their iconic Barbie style and steal the show. 

ai barbie filter generated with Optix

ai barbie filter generated with Optix

If you wanna make your own stunning barbie-themed avatar like these in under 30 seconds, you can download the Optix app here.

Moving on...

What’s the new barbie life filter about?

So, the new barbie life filter predicts these things about your barbie-themed future:

  1. Which barbie you are - a glamorous star or cry baby or maybe something else
  2. Where you’ll live - which could range from a pink condo to a pink coffin 🫠
  3. And your mode of transport - could be a limo or ambulance, among other things.

But at least they’re all pink.

The filter was first shared a week ago by Chantelle Parker, a TikTok Effect House Creator, who shared a video prompting users to let her know what they get when they try the filter.

And users did not disappoint.

Now, it’s your turn. 

Other trending filters to try

My Red Flags

Another recent filter trend that people have been trying is the “my red flags” filter effect where you record yourself while three flags turn over one at a time, revealing the things about you that are a major turn off. 

It’s the perfect opportunity for TikTok to expose your soul.

Bold Glamour Filter 

The bold glamour filter has been a TikTok favorite for a minute because it makes you look incredibly gorgeous in a super realistic way.

But there’s some magic to it that you can read about here if you’re interested.

Final words

It’s an honor that you’re still here and haven’t rushed off yet to see Barbie’s predictions … cuz we would have. 

But that’s the story. 

Now you can go try it out and let us know if Barbie says you’re gonna be a “starbies barbie” living in the “barbie sewers” with a “pink shoe car” for transport. 

Have fuuun and stay tuned for more stories and tips on your favorite filters.


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