How to do the long hair filter on TikTok

August 22, 2023
Rochella Providence

Ever wondered what you’ll look like with longer hair? 

Maybe you didn’t up until your friends (or random strangers) started badgering you about it because apparently they have this sixth sense of knowing which hairstyle would change your life.

“Like dude…grow it out. Trust.”

I mean, wouldn't you know if long hair would be the best thing that ever happened to you?? 

Probably not. 

Sometimes what you think won’t suit you, just might work. 

And if it doesn’t … just cut it back off. It’s not that serious. 

But thank God we live in times of TikTok filters that give us the privilege and joy of visualizing what could be without actually changing a thing.

It’s no surprise this filter quickly became top trending where users shared what their longer-haired self would look like. And so far … it doesn’t seem like anyone’s complaining. 

long hair filter gif

How to get the long hair filter on TikTok?

long hair filter TikTok

You’ve probably tried searching “long hair filter” in the TikTok search bar only to find a couple of effects that look nothing like the videos that've been plaguing your ‘for you’ feed.

That’s because this particular filter was created using a CapCut template that you’ll have to download, along with FaceApp to get the same results. 

Here are the steps:

Download FaceApp and your long hair photo.

FaceApp is a popular visual effects app on the Apple App Store that lets you experiment with all sorts of fun effects on your photos. 

Once downloaded, you’ll upload one of your current short-haired selfies and apply the “Long 2” style that appears at the bottom of the style panel. Save this new image. 

Download CapCut to make the transition

Once you have your new long-haired photo, download CapCut from either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. 

When CapCut is downloaded, go back to TikTok and search “long hair filter” and at the bottom of each trending video, you’ll see “CapCut - Try this template.” 

long hair filter CapCut tutorial

When you click on that, you should be taken back to CapCut with the option to select “Use Template in CapCut.”

The video should then be available for you to save and upload to TikTok. 

Here’s how it all looks from a tutorial video.

Best videos we’ve seen so far of the long hair filter 

This filter seems to be hit more with men who’ve been curious to see how they’ll look with longer hair and the vast majority seem quite happy with the results. 

Other trending TikTok filters to try

Just like the long hair filter trend, users have been going crazy over other effects that alter their appearance in the most realistic way. 

We just came out of the Barbie filter trend that popped up after the release of the new Barbie movie last month. 

Users were blown away by the AI-generated Barbie-esque version of themselves that looked super realistic, just like this photo.

AI avatar barbie filter

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People are also obsessing over the old age filter trend where they get a peek into how they’ll look in the next couple of decades. 

And judging from the reactions, it’s definitely been putting things into perspective. 

Wrap up

We hope this post helped on your quest of seeing how you look with long hair. And all this work, it better look amazing. 

The TikTok universe never ceases to surprise us with new and fun trends to try, so be on the lookout for the next hype and stay tuned so we can help you get in on all the fun!

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