10 Trending TikTok Halloween Filters to Try Before They Disappear

October 16, 2023
Rochella Providence

The list you’ve been waiting for, right?

The people love TikTok, filters, and Halloween, so here we are with the perfect list to satisfy each of those cravings.  

Just like the Spirit Halloween filter trend, each of these filters will give you a fun experience of mixing and matching different Halloween looks that would make you laugh your head off or maybe even give you just the right amount of inspiration you need for this year’s costume. 

So, let's get into it! 🎃

Random Halloween makeup filter kit 

If you’ve been watching, then you should’ve noticed that makeup filters, like the bold glamour filter, have caused a massive scene that’s still ongoing.

So, it’s no surprise that Halloween makeup filters are popping up on the app … and everywhere else. 

The next four makeup filters we’re gonna highlight were created by the talented @tetedetamereare. These will definitely get your creative juices flowing as you think about what creepy look you wanna try out. 

Random Halloween face

Random Halloween shadow

Random Halloween eyeliner 

Random Halloween lips

As you can probably tell, people couldn’t wait to hop on the TikTok Halloween filter trends and they’re entertained by the unpredictability.

Halloween AI filter

So remember the AI Barbie filter trend and the rare AI trend? The Halloween AI filter created by @_stephmaria420 is basically the same thing - just Halloween themed. You strike your best pose while it times out and it turns you into an AI Halloween model.

Like this

Definitely one to give a try.

Pumpkin filter

So, this one’s not an actual jack-o-lantern. The vibe is more like jack-o-lantern meets beauty model with a black hat. 

Yeah … that’s it. Props to @dani_filter_2.0 for creating this filter. Check it out.

Zombie Makeup by Paige

The name says it all. Paige Piskin made this filter last year before Halloween and it’s making its rounds yet again and is still just as scary.

But we’ll let you be the judge.

Lil boo filter 

We may've found the cutest filter you’ll ever see this Halloween.

Picture a pint-sized animated ghost, your own personal Casper, appearing on your screen and copying your movements in the most endearing way. 

Paul Russell created this filter that matches with his song “Lil Boo Thang” and it’s pure joy encapsulated in a filter! TikTokers are loving it, sharing their dance-offs with their cute spectral companions, and honestly, it's the wholesome content we all need.

See what we meeeean?! 😭

Saw strap filter

If you're a horror fan scrolling through TikTok, you've probably stumbled upon the latest craze that's both spine-chilling and hilariously relatable — the saw strap filter created by @joseenriquevides.

Inspired by the infamous Jigsaw Helmet Trap from the "Saw" movies, this filter slaps the terrifying device on users' heads in a less life-threatening manner, of course. 

But instead of panicking, users are sharing funny snippets of themselves shrugging and calmly accepting their fates, dramatically declaring they'd rather meet their doom head-on than give in to their non-negotiables.


My Hogwarts house filter 

Dear Harry Potter fans, this is your filter. And it’s making its rounds on TikTok just at the right time. 

Are you a proud member of Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin? Thanks to filter creator Allan Gregorio, you can share this special announcement with the entire TikTok universe.

Other trending filters to try

Duck lips filter

The duck lips filter throws a pair of thick, animated peach-colored lips over your own, creating this exaggerated, super plump pout. 

Whether you’re seriously considering lip fillers 👀 or just need a good laugh, the duck lip filter on TikTok is another one that you can’t help but play around with.

Spirit Halloween filter

In honor of the Spirit Halloween meme trend, the filter recreates these images of Spirit Halloween packages, complete with a made-up costume name, a funny or bizarre picture, and even a list of what’s supposedly “included” in the package. 

Some of these are downright hilarious, while others are just plain weird, but they all share that quirky, creative vibe!

Final words

Have fun trying out the latest trending Halloween filters. And if they don’t quite capture the look that you want, you can fully embody any of your fav looks like this 👇🏽

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