Goatee Filter: Q&A With Eren Dere

September 22, 2023
Rochella Providence

"I made this filter because I wanted to see how a mustache and goatee would look on me. My main goal was to make a realistic filter for those who can't grow facial hair and I'm currently blown away by the virality!"

- Eren Dere, Digital Artist and TIkTok Effect House Ambassador

Eren Dere, TikTok Effect House Ambassador

In last week’s Filter Frenzy roundup, the Goatee filter was among the top trending filters for the week. 

Who would’ve thought that so many people would be eager to see what they’d look like with a goatee?!

Take a look.

Another reminder that trends depend on the whim of the people. 

I think Eren would agree. 

He’s the creative mind behind the Goatee filter and the ‘Paparazzi by Eren’ filter people were reeling over earlier this year. 

We had an awesome Optix chat with him about his trending filters and his thoughts on being an Effect House Creator.

Here’s how it went:

How did you react to the Goatee filter trend?

I've watched almost all the videos with the filter, and they're incredibly funny. It's entertaining to observe people using the filter, with some even thinking they resemble their fathers when using it and I couldn't be happier to see so many people enjoying it to the fullest!

What do people frequently ask you about filters?

I often receive numerous inquiries in the comments section about how to create your own filter or whether you need to be selected by TikTok to do so. 

What are some common misconceptions about the filter-making process?

Creating a TikTok filter isn't only about its appearance on its own. We also need to ensure it looks good with different skin tones, especially for makeup effects, in various lighting conditions, and on diverse people. It's also crucial to check that the filter functions well on a variety of devices.

What are some fun facts about the creation process?

Creating a TikTok Effect goes through several rounds of changes and improvements. I usually make 5 to 10 different versions of an effect, and then I choose the one that looks the nicest. 

Effect creators often draw inspiration from unexpected sources. It could be anything. This eclectic mix of influences contributes to the wide variety of filters available on the platform. 

Before I share a TikTok effect with everyone, I first test it with different people. Their feedback helps me make the filter look and work better. 

It's important to ensure that the filter complies with the platform's rules and guidelines. Every filter undergoes a review process before the effect goes live. 

What’s your favorite filter?

My favorite Filter is TikTok's Bold Glamour filter because it looks cool and can make anyone appear picture-perfect. It's funny how the filter appears differently on each person and even changes features like making some look more masculine and others more feminine. 

What’s the most popular filter you’ve created?

My most engaged filter is my ‘Paparazzi by Eren’ filter

It took me the longest to make compared to my other filters. This one has 3D model arms holding phones that make it seem like they're taking photos with flashing lights, like real paparazzi. And it's cool because it even tracks the user's movements.

Paparazzi by Eren Filter

How do you come up with new filter/content trends?

To predict and create new filters, I simply explore trending topics on my ‘For You’ page. This helps me gather ideas and inspiration for filters that people would enjoy using in their videos. Some filters even have the power to start fresh trends, so I aim to make those engaging filters that entertain users the most. 

Why do you think people resonate with filters so much?

Filters are really awesome! People love them because they bring videos to life.  Filters add excitement with fun effects and can even boost confidence by using beauty filters. I believe that when people use filters in their videos, they're actually increasing the chances of those videos going viral. It's like giving your content an extra boost that makes it stand out and get shared more. 

Any thoughts on the creator space in general?

I really love Effect House's creator space. Our community is awesome, and full of friendly and helpful people. The Effect House Discord channel is a great place to chat and to support each other. I've been with Effect House since the beginning, starting from the beta program and becoming an ambassador.

The community managers are really nice and always ready to help. We have fun challenges for all creators with cool prizes. And there's even a Creator Fund Program that lets creators earn money for their effects. 

Wanna share a fun fact about yourself?

Something fun you should know about me is that I never take a photo without adding a filter to it 😜

Final words

If you want to see what Eren is up to next, you can check out his website at erendere.ed, or follow him on TikTok and Instagram.

For more information on the filter creation process, check out TikTok’s Effect House and stay tuned for more creator Q&As and insights on your favorite filters and effects. 

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