Optix 3.0: The Future of Creativity

December 13, 2023
Rochella Providence

In the realm of digital aesthetics and lenses, Optix 3.0 provides a revolutionary platform for simple and creative self-expression.

It’s a place where the creatives and the curious can dive deep into any vibe they're feeling, rock any filter or style that just screams you and get props for your unique creations.

Optix AI: Unlimited Creativity

We’re rolling out some killer upgrades to amplify your aesthetic journey, redefine personal feed curation, and spotlight the vibrant creativity of our community members.

Explore our feature highlights below and be sure to check in again for our Optix AI highlights.

Top Tier Aesthetic Immersion

Optix AI tech: the visual remix

Users can upload their own filters - any photo from the internet or their own AI art that’ll form the base aesthetic for their personalized creation.

When the user’s uploaded aesthetic blends with their profile picture, it crafts a mesmerizing visual representation that's more than just adopting a trend—it's a complete creative immersion.

Personalized Feed Based on Interests

Optix AI categorized feeds

For those weary of monotonous content, Optix 3.0 offers the perfect remedy. This version allows users to curate a feed that aligns with their passions, be it the ruggedness of sports, the elegance of fashion, the captivating world of anime, or the thrill of gaming. It's all about granting users the autonomy to create effortlessly based on their interests and passions.

Seamless Google Search Bar Integration

Optix AI integrated Google search bar

When users want to emulate an aesthetic, Optix makes the process seamless. A simple search and image selection enables one to channel anything from Goku's indomitable spirit to LeBron James' court dominance. One step closer to channeling the energy of our favorite heroes.

Your Bestie or Celebrity as The Main Character 

Optix AI celebrity and friend face swap

Optix 3.0 allows users to centralize their favorite stars and close friends in their digital aesthetic narrative. Invite a friend to see if they’d pull off a look or use some of the world’s favorite stars to embody your aesthetic. 

Disappearing Feed

Optix AI disappearing feed

With a nod to the dynamic nature of trendsetters, Optix 3.0's ephemeral feed showcases a myriad of aesthetics. But there's an element of challenge: miss a moment, and it vanishes forever. It's about engaging users in a refreshing experience each time, ensuring the zest for exploration remains undiminished.

Recognizing Aesthetic Contribution and Impact

Optix AI creator status and leaderboard

With Optix 3.0, it’s about acknowledging and celebrating individual contributions. Each user's profile now exhibits the filters they've introduced to the community and the ripple effect they've instigated. And the integrated Optix leaderboard is a nod to their influence and a testament to their creative inspiration. 

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