Filter Frenzy 9/8

September 8, 2023
Rochella Providence

If you’re anything like our team here at Optix AI, then you’re obsessed with filters and effects as much as we are. 

Which is good. This is our safe space to enjoy the latest trends and even create your own styles and filters in 30 seconds

Here’s your weekly roundup of TikTok’s top trending filters and effects for #filterfridays 🚀

AI Drawing Filter

“bro really became second Leonardo Da Vinci 💀” - @nikoruroblox

If you are or always wanted to be an artist, now’s your time to shine on TikTok. 

It’s one of those filters that just grips you and makes you stay until the end to see what people have come up with. And it never fails to either impress or make you do a spit take. 

To use, go to TikTok and search “AI drawing filter” and the search results will auto populate with the top videos.

Pick a video to watch and tap “AI Painter” and then “Use this effect.” From there, your canvas to AI-powered speed painting awaits. Shout out to @hirostudiocom for making this awesome effect!


Goatee Filter Trend

We love a filter that makes you try out a new hairstyle, especially when it looks good.

If you’re a guy and you always wanted to see how a goatee would look on you, use the goatee filter.  

If you’re a girl who wants to know if you’d make a sexy ass male version of yourself, this is your filter too. 

And if you just wanna watch people question whether they should get a goatee or not, you’ll be thoroughly entertained with this  trend. 

Under effects, this filter is labeled “mustache + goatee” and was created by TikTok Effect House Creator @eren.dere.  

My Beige Flags Filter

If you’re still trying to figure out what a beige flag is ... looks like we’re in the same boat 😅

But what we do know about this effect is that it clearly takes pattern from the ‘my red flags’ and ‘my green flags’ filter trends. 

We know what red and green flags mean. Maybe the beige falls somewhere in the middle, where your personality predictions are neither bad nor good (we’ll reach out to Laura Gouillon to confirm and circle back on this matter). 

Whatever it means, it’s still pretty funny watching people react to it. For example …

Wrecking Ball Filter V3

Often dubbed as the “hardest TikTok filter ever made”, people have been racking their brains over this wrecking ball filter. And fun, yet challenging games tend to do that. 

So, let’s explain … 

Seven balls, each in a different hue, hang from strings. These strings are connected to a tiny ball-shaped axle at the top. 

Now, here's where it gets interesting. Every time you tap your screen, one of those balls starts to swing. 

The ultimate challenge? 

Get all these balls swinging, in perfect harmony, under that central axis, without a single collision, for at least eight glorious seconds. 

Round after round, people have realized that winning is easier said than done. But the camaraderie and persistence of the TIkTok universe unsurprisingly cracked the code for the first 2 versions of the filter. 

Let’s see if version 3 is any match for the TikTok community. Shout out to Max for keeping our brains busy with this effect. 

Nail It Filter

Another game for the people of TikTok. 

Imagine a wooden board, just chilling at the bottom of your screen. Suspended in the middle, you've got a shiny silver nail, and on top of the screen, there's a trusty hammer just hovering. 

When the timer starts, the real fun begins. 

Your mission? 

Tap the screen at just the right moment to send that nail straight down into the board – no bending allowed! The catch is, you've got to do this repeatedly, driving in as many nails as you can before the timer runs out. It's a virtual nail-biting (pun intended) challenge where precision and timing are the name of the game. 

Props to Jonothan Hunt for creating this effect.

If the goal was to create an anxiety-inducing yet satisfyingly simple and fun game for people to go crazy over on TikTok, then you nailed it my guy. 

Now go try these out and have a blast (or not).

We’ll keep you posted on next week’s top trending filters and effects. 


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