Spirit Halloween 2023: Everything You Need to Know About the Trend That Broke the Internet

October 6, 2023
Rochella Providence

Remember the Spirit Halloween meme trend from last year? 

It was when the #1 Halloween pop-up store became way more than just the best place to find your costumes.

It turned into a hilarious meme movement that had us all in stitches. Now, as the leaves start to turn and the air gets that familiar autumn chill, we're left wondering: Will the Spirit Halloween meme make a viral comeback this year?

If it doesn’t ring a bell, no worries. 

Let’s get you up to scratch as we approach this special and spooky time of year again.

What’s the deal with Spirit Halloween?

Spirit Halloween is the #1 Halloween pop-up shop that appears every year, right around the beginning of fall. 

Think of it as your one-stop-shop for all things Halloween. Need a pirate costume? They've got it. Looking for a life-sized animatronic witch for your front porch? Yep, they have that too. 

Spirit Halloween store via Business Insider

From costumes for your pets to the eeriest home decor, Spirit Halloween transforms empty retail spaces into Halloween wonderlands, making your October fright fests all the more fun. 

If you’re a Spirit Halloween fanatic, then you probably know all this. But do you know the story behind the name? 👀

Why is it called Spirit Halloween?

Joe Marver, Spirit Halloween article 1992

Okay, quick story.

Spirit Halloween was started by Joe Marver back in 1983. He had a women’s clothing store in California and noticed a nearby costume store was booming during the spookiest time of the year. 

When that store closed, Joe switched his business to costumes, and voilà, Spirit Halloween was born 🎃

And fun fact, the “Spirit” in the name wasn’t about ghosts—it was actually the name of his original store, Spirit Women’s Discount Apparel! 

You learn somethin’ new every day, right?

What’s the Spirit Halloween meme?

The trend picked up last year when people started crafting these witty images that mimicked Spirit Halloween costume packages. 

But they were all made-up and purely for laughs.

Each faux package had a quirky costume name, a side-splitting picture, and a list of descriptors that had us cackling. 

It was a meme masterpiece that had everyone, even celebs, joining in on the fun!

Spirit Halloween meme via Twitter
Spirit Halloween meme via NoGuiltLife
Spirit Halloween meme via Twitter

How to make the Spirit Halloween meme

Of course, this frenzy grew when more and more people wanted to make their own Spirit Halloween memes. 

Just in case you wanna do it too, here’s how 👇

Find your Spirit Halloween meme maker 

There are a bunch of customizable templates that you can choose from so you can edit your meme as you please. 

You can use apps like Canva, Kapwing, or Pinata Farms that have templates and specific meme generators available.

Once you’ve chosen your template, you’ll be able to edit it with your preferred photos and text. 

Here’s a tutorial video using Canva in case you need some more visuals.

Other Halloween-esque trends and filters to try

TikTok Ghost Filter

The TikTok Ghost filter grew in popularity when folks were using it to give their kids a good fright, and let's just say, the reactions were all over the map – from hilarious to totally surprising.

In some clips, you'd see the kids jump out of their skin, calling for mom and dad faster than you can blink. But then, in others, these little adventurers seemed to be having a blast, waving at the ghost like it was their new BFF.

You can try it out on TIkTok or use Optix AI to see how'd you'd look with any ghost costume. All you need is one photo for limitless creations.

Barbie Filter Trend

Without a doubt, people will be flaunting their best Barbie looks this Halloween.

If you're joining the Barbie bandwagon, you can use Optix AI to see yourself in chic and glamourous barbified aesthetics.

Just upload your favorite photo and you'll be instantly inspired with your personal portraits you can try out for your costume this year!

Final words

Now, as the shadows grow longer and we inch closer to Halloween again, one can't help but wonder:

Will Spirit Halloween 2023 be a thing?

We have a good feeling about it.

Whether you rode the Spirit Halloween wave last year or not, you gotta admit - it was funny.

Only time will tell if this trend will rise from the grave for a Spirit Halloween 2023 encore.

But here's to hoping for another round of laughs.

Happy October!

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