Personality Test Filter: Q&A With Kasai Green

September 8, 2023
Rochella Providence

When creating effects you may have a way in which you intend your effect to be used. I’ve seen countless times where my effects get used in so many creative ways that I would not have even thought of.

- Kasai Green, Augmented Reality Developer and TikTok Effect House Ambassador 

Kasai Green, Augmented Reality Developer

We have a thing for wanting to know more about ourselves.

To dig deeper. 

That’s why things like personality tests intrigue us. So, it’s no surprise that the personality test effect was a notable TikTok favorite. 

Check out these clips:


Well, this effect was made by Kasai Green, an Augmented Reality Developer and TikTok Effect House Ambassador. 

We had an Optix AI chat with Kasai about his journey into the Effect House Community, his thoughts on the creation process, and some helpful nuggets about the space (and himself). 

Here’s how it went:

Why did you want to dive into the Effect House Community?

I first heard about Effect House during the beginning of the Windows Open Beta in 2022.

I wasn’t sure what to expect but was interested in creating effects for one of the world's biggest platforms in the world.

The community response was astounding. As soon as I created my first effect, I had already seen videos of people using it.

This experience encouraged me to make more effects until I considered Effect Creation as a viable occupation.

What do people usually ask you about making effects?

A common question I’m asked is if TikTok pays you to create TikTok effects.

TikTok has the Effect Creator Rewards program where creators can earn up to $50,000 USD monthly if they qualify. You also have the opportunity to do collaborative projects with brands and individual creators. 

What are some common misconceptions that you hear?

When it comes to TikTok effects specifically, users sometimes forget that most of their favorite effects are created by the Effect House community - It’s a common belief that all effects are created by TikTok. 

What’s most fun about the creation process?

Inspiration for effects can come from so many different places.

So, when creating effects or considering what effects to create, you may find inspiration from your fellow effect creators or on TikTok itself. 

When creating effects you may have a way in which you intend your effect to be used. I’ve seen countless times where my effects get used in so many creative ways that I would not have even thought of.

Do you have a favorite filter/effect?

My favorite filter would be my “Guess the flag” effect. I’ve always loved flags growing up and I thought it would have been a very niche filter with a few uses, but it got really popular amassing over 600,000 videos. Tons of other flag enthusiasts started using it as well as users who wanted to brush up on their flag knowledge. 

What’s the most popular effect you’ve created?

My most engaging filter would be my “personality test” effect. Users would tilt their heads to select between two options for a set of turns, and they would be shown their personality at the end. It sparked many cool discussions and has amassed over 2 million videos.

Which effect took the most time to make?

That would be my “Blink Basketball” game effect. I made this effect shortly after I got started with Effect House.

It was an ambitious endeavor but took almost a couple of days to complete. The user is prompted to blink as close to green as possible for the basketball shot to be the most accurate. It also had a timer aspect and took an amount of logic to complete.

What are your thoughts on why people resonate with filters/effects so much?

TikTok effects are as diverse as the TikTok community.

For whatever part of the TikTok algorithm you are, you'll find something you like or that catches your interest. TikTok effects are also connected by the community. Your videos will get viewed by many different people who may have used the filter or like seeing people use it. 

How do you feel about the creator space in general?

Social Augmented Reality can be very fulfilling, especially on TikTok where you may sometimes get comments from users thanking you for the effect, posting their scores, or ideas on how it can be improved.

You’ll also meet many different creators who all have so many unique skills.

Being an effect creator has allowed me to get better in many various areas as well. Effects may sometimes require you to sharpen up your 3D knowledge, physics, graphic design, or animation skills. 

Any predictions for the next filter/effect trends?

We are still very much in the era of randomizers and makeup effects.

Both effect genres will always be here in my opinion as there are always creative things you can do with randomizers and makeup trends.

However, gaming effects have been growing rapidly in popularity and many users have gotten comfortable with the idea of TikTok gaming effects.

If this upward trend continues, look for more complex and creative TikTok gaming effects as well as more users anticipating their next favorite game.

Wanna share a fun fact about Kasai?

When I was young and I watched movies, the world would be in black and white anytime they went into the past.

This led me to believe that in the 80’s the world used to be black until some point where the world randomly got color.

Wrapping up

If you want to see what Kasai is up to next on his Effect House Creator journey, check out his website at or follow him on TikTok and Instagram

For more information on the filter creation process, check out TikTok’s Effect House Creator Portal.

Stay tuned for more creator Q&As and insights on your favorite filters and effects. And if you’re curious how to make personalized avatars in under 30 seconds using the latest filters and styles, try the Optix app for free here

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